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What is cbd product link?

We are a B2B company that serves both existing CBD brands and assists you in developing new brands. We enable you to grow your footprint by providing ready-made consumer products, access to proven brands, white label products and bulk order CBD raw materials at the lowest per milligram price on the market! We are also your source for custom-designed machinery and grow equipment.

How Does it work?

We provide you a complete network of manufacturers, cultivators, processors, and equipment suppliers. Through these relationships, we can provide anything your CBD brands will need to expand and grow. Working with us is the same as you working with the manufacturer directly. You pay the same plus NO additional costs with the added benefit of direct service.

Working with CBD
Product Link 
Costs you nothing.

We charge the manufacturer, not you! 

Reluctant to switch Suppliers?

We understand that you may be reluctant to switch suppliers. There is a level of unsureness and risk associated with switching suppliers, and therefore many companies hesitate to make these decisions. If you give us a chance, our promise to you is that we will supply you with better options, for a better price, and with better service. Our unique model enables us the ability to back this promise. This is not a "too good to be true" company! We are seasoned industry leaders with proven sources unmatched in the industry. Our current customers best describe us as offering top quality products through an easy process, while being transparent, honest, trustworthy, and resourceful.


We specialize in offering tinctures, topicals, and consumables at incredibly low prices. We have a team of chemists, formulators and manufacturers ready to develop new product ideas for your brand, should you be interested in more unique offerings. We give you the ability to stand out by offering brownies, lip balm, gum, and many other unique products.


We have the ability to source and design custom machinery to fit any manufacturers needs. We have strategic alliances to upgrade your existing facilities with new equipment, such as bottling machines, capsule filling machines, processing equipment, grow lights, and much more. If you need it, we have it. 


To get you the lowest possible prices, we compare pricing based on per milligram of CBD oils and cannabinoids in each product across our manufacturing partner network. Orders typically have a lower MOQ and are priced less than you will find just about anywhere.

Expand Faster

When working with us there is no ramp up time. All the time you would have spent on research, price comparison, design, and more can now be spent on the things that matter like sales, marketing, and growing your team.

Sell Faster

We provide you with more unique products to add to your current product offering. A more diverse product offering gives you a competitive advantage over competitors. As you are selling to wholesalers and retail stores, you now have more to offer, and a higher probability of selling a higher dollar amount of product. Unique products will usually sell at faster rates than products that are offered by thousands of companies.

Win Faster

Through our seamless integration of manufacturing equipment, new technology, and unique products we provide you the ability to win and reach your goals at a much faster rate. This is an investment in your success, and like any good investment, it always pays off.

What CBD Product Link Customers are Saying

Sarah Collins

CBD Product Link helped me source new products for my hemp brand while cutting down the per mg cost of my existing products. Working with them has been great, and I recommend them to anyone with a CBD company.

Rob McDermott

CBD Product Link helped me expand my hemp line with products I didn't even know existed. I'm now able to sell my current offerings at a lower price, and have added ones that my customers love.

Troy Matthews

Doug and Michael were a great help to me when I was looking for white labeled products. On top of getting me pricing that was much lower than I was previously paying, they helped me produce great-looking packaging and labels through their partnerships. I highly recommend CBD Product Link for anyone selling hemp products.

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A 10-minute chat could make all the difference for your business. If you are serious about expanding your business, reach out so that we can help. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly team has all the tools you need at the lowest prices on the market. What is better than that? CBD Product Link exists to give you that competitive advantage to blow past your competitors. We're ready when you are.