Our Vision

We envision a CBD industry with transparent pricing and better access to quality products. When you work with us, we alleviate the guesswork from sourcing products for your brand, saving you time and money.

Our Mission

To serve existing CBD brands and enable them to grow their footprint by offering traditional and unique ready-to-sell CBD products at the lowest per milligram price on the market, bulk order CBD raw materials at the lowest per milligram price on the market, custom designed machinery, white label products, and growing equipment.

Our Unique Value Propositions

There is no cost to work with us. We never charge our customers. We only charge the manufacturers.

Ready-to-sell Products - Revolutionizing the CBD industry by offering top quality consumer products at the lowest per milligram pricing on the market. Contact us below for our product and pricing sheet and see for yourself!

Bulk Raw Materials - We offer some of the lowest prices on the market for all the bulk raw materials you need to enhance and increase your manufacturing output.

White Labeling - Through our US-based manufacturing network we have access to hundreds of unique products. Working with us negates ramp-up and research time. We have already done that part for you. Through our agency and packaging partners,  we have the capability to develop any custom design, brand, and packaging required.

Machinery and Cultivation Equipment – Do you need custom equipment to enhance your production? We have access to engineers who can design and build it for you.

What We Practice

- Transparency

- Honesty

- Simplicity

- Trust

- Relationship Building

Why Us

CBD Product Link is the first business of its kind. We help CBD and hemp businesses identify, locate, and develop products that are in line with buyer demands. We have a deep understanding of market trends and think everything through before distributing products into the marketplace.  

When working with CBD Product Link, you will enjoy access to industry trends, current market pricing, and a list of new and unique products not readily found elsewhere. 

We are different. Let us prove it.

Contact us today

A 10-minute chat could make all the difference for your business. If you are serious about expanding your business, reach out so that we can help. Our experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly team has all the tools you need at the lowest prices on the market. What is better than that? CBD Product Link exists to give you that competitive advantage to blow past your competitors. We're ready when you are.